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    1890 First library tax was levied.
    Nov. 1, 1894 Library opened in a building on the present site with 1450 volumes.
    1901 Arrangements were completed with Mr. Andrew Carnegie for $35,000 to build a new library building.
    Aug. 1, 1904 Work completed on new building made of Indiana Bedford stone in a classic style of architecture. The library had 14,500 volumes and loaned 30,000 volumes annually.
    1918 The library became a county library.
    1920 Steel stacks were moved to the basement for additional room and an elevator was added.
    1922 A mezzanine floor was installed with additional book stacks.
    1924 The County Book Wagon burned in a garage fire.
    1926 The mezzanine floor was enlarged with additional book stacks.
    1939 Funds left to the library by Mrs. Ruth Winters were used to remodel the interior and add a balcony. The library had 77,794 volumes and loaned 329,485 volumes annually.
    March 17, 1941 A tragic fire destroyed the building and 25,000 volumes from the collection.
    Sept. 25, 1942 The community celebrated the formal opening of the new building.
    1947 A new Indiana Library Law was passed to strengthen library service statewide.
    1964 A $150,000 new addition to the Library was completed.
    1966 The School Board converted and merged with the County Library Board under the 1947 Library Law.
    1970-1972 A $246,604 Randtriever was added and a $109,997 building project was completed.
    1977 The Maiben Building was purchased for $30,000.
    1982 Annexation was completed with a microfiche room and 25,000 volumes of book shelving.